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Sustainability Core Value

Preservation of our mother earth is a core value shared by all members of our team.  The efforts we have undertaken to ensure a positive impact include:

Reclaimed Ocean Plastic Containers,

Recycled Water for irrigation from dehumidification and rain water,

Post Consumer Recycled material for all collateral,

Renewable Rice Papers used for pre-rolls,

Solar and Wind Sourced Energy.  (Plans are underway for solar field on our 15 acre property)


Plan for Positive Impact


There are currently over 40,000 prisoners incarcerated for marijuana-related charges in the U.S. alone. Despite marijuana law reforms, there are still more arrests for cannabis possession each year than for all violent crimes combined. Communities of color are subject to disproportionate marijuana enforcement practices. Many affected individuals lack the knowledge or financial resources to seek relief through clemency and/or expungement.




  1. Provide annual financial support for programs that benefit Massachusetts residents who have past drug convictions such as The Last Prisoner Project.


  1. Provide Equity Services for economic empowerment applicants and social equity program participants, who may be seeking pro bono or reduced rate services.

Last Prisioner.jpg

Diversity Plan 

R&R will hold a management & executive team of at least 25% belonging to one of the following groups: women, black, indigenous, and people of color, people with disabilities and/or veterans. 

All positions of supervisor & manager will enroll participate in online training content “Inclusive Leadership: The Power of Workplace Diversity” provided by the University of Colorado.

A goal of 25% of percent of entry level positions at R&R to be filled by an individual belonging to a Commission approved area a person of minority status, a woman, and/or a veteran.

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