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Meet the Owners

Rob Burnell 


CEO/Executive Chef.


Rob has honed his leadership, culinary and operational skills through 30 years of work in the food industry. An accomplished chef and operator by trade, he has developed a reputation for culinary excellence as well as exemplary operational cost management. Rob is the company president and will direct product development, production, and logistics. 

Robby Cohen 


Chief Operating Officer.


Along with his long time friend Rob, Robby founded R&R back in 2018 and began the journey we are now on.  Robby has spent the past two years working in the industry, developing and now operating a dispensary in Lenox, MA (Kapha Cannabis Dispensary).   He holds a Master’s from Cornell University’s School of Hotel and Restaurant Management.  Robby is our business manager and will oversee production and distribution. 

Maura Stanton


Vice President of Marketing and Administration.  

Maura is an accomplished professional in the Berkshire  health and wellness industry.

Having attended the Isenberg School of Management at UMass, Maura emerged as a creative thinker & intuitive business operator.  Maura has spent the last 15 years as a leader in the hospitality & wellness industry. This is where she honed in on the art of Creating Experiences & the science of Exceed Expectations. Maura will bring our brand management to life, and will use that as a voice to engage with our target markets.  .


William Stanton 


Vice President of Cultivation and Facilities.


Bill is a licensed contractor and Master Cultivator.  He has perfected a high yield/ high THC  concentration growing method utilizing organic nutrients, low energy LED lighting, and recycled hydration.  His proprietary cryo-curing method has been developed over the past five years and is unparalleled in the industry. 

Misty Slopes

R&R Ventures LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation incorporated in the state of Massachusetts. Principals are Robert Burnell of Lee, MA, Robert Cohen of Sheffield, MA, and William and Maura Stanton of Lee, MA. 

Company Ownership/Legal Entity 

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