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Initial Product Line 
Live Cured Flower
Our approach to growing craft cannabis focuses on a combination of a perfected nurturing environment and genetically superior seeds.  Each plant is grown in beautiful rich soil, raised under energy efficient LED lights, and hand fed naturally derived nutrients. Engineered for the cannabis connoisseur, our Live Cured Flower provides a full spectrum of preserved terpenes and high cannabinoid levels.  This flower is  available in eights and .35 gram personal  pre-rolls.
Live Hash Rosin
Full Spectrum Elemental Extraction is the key to this absolutely fantastic concentrate.  This strain specific full spectrum rosin delivers the dabber out of this world flavor and hard hitting effects.


Fast acting butter-mints are infused with organic oils and  utilize a proprietary Live Hash Rosin extraction method.  A unique addition to the cannabis edibles marketplace. They truly melt away in your mouth with amazing flavors combined with a subtle cannabis undertone.  
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