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Initial Product Line 

Our approach to growing craft cannabis focuses on a combination of perfect nurturing environment and genetically superior seeds.  Each plant will be organically grown in rich soil, raised under energy efficient LED lights, and hand fed naturally derived nutrients. Engineered for the cannabis connoisseur, our flower will have a broad spectrum of terpene profiles and high cannabinoid levels. 




Whole food granola bites infused with full spectrum naturally extracted fast acting strain specific cannabinoids.  This allows one to take full advatage of what the cannabis strain has to offer and avoids the "chemical feel" one often gets with distillate THC infusions.


Fast acting mints infused with organic pepermint oil and full spectrum naturally extracted THC.  

Expansion Product Lines 

Taconic Treats


1.5-gram candies, individually wrapped, each with 5mg dose THC, 10 each to a package. 50 mg total dose/pkg. (50mg total dose, 150-gram total weight/package).


Sunny Gummies - Citrus Burst, Berry Blast, 


Meltaway Lozenges - Honey Echinacea CBD, Cherry Menthol THC, Lemon Honey THC 


Cannamints - Peppermint, Wintergreen 


Cannabis Caramels - Sea salt, Coffee Chocolate, Sweet Chili 

Bear Mountain Botanicals


High quality topical applications infused with US grown GMO-free full spectrum CBD and/or THC


Arnica - Ginger Muscle Relief Salve – 


Lavender - Hemp Shea Butter 


Lemongrass CBD Hand Crème 


Hemp - Coconut Oil Face and Body Moisturizer 

TeaHC and CBTea


Organic black and herbal teas with activated flower and full spectrum CBD infusions.


Wake and Bake Black Breakfast Tea 

Ganga Green Tea 


Ginger Lemon CBD Soother 


Honeysuckle Rose 


Jamaican Hibiscus Cooler 


China Cat Chai 

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