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R and R Cannabis
stricktly abides by Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commision requirements and guidleines with respect to:

  • 1) Site Access  

  • 2) Inventory Security

  • 3) Visibility into facilty

  • 4) Cooperation with Local Law Enforcement

  • 5) Loitering Enforcement

  • 6) Lighting

  • 7) Landscaping Plant Maintenance

  • 8) Emergency Procedures

  • 9) Alarms Monitoring

  • 10) Camera Location

  • 11) Back-Up Systems.

R&R’s property will be secured with steel doors, re-enforced windows, and will be remote monitored security cameras inside and out. All products will be properly secured on the property and during transport. We will adhere to strict product tracking requirements and monitor our product from “seed to sale”. 

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